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HyunA Is A Song-Writer, Choreographer, Concept And Stage Organizer For CLC


HyunA step up to give assistance to her junior co-company girl group, CLC.

Cube Entertainment’s CLC, the first runner of the company this 2017, will be releasing a new album on the 17th. It is only seven months since their mini 4th album ‘NU.CLEAR‘ was released last May. CLC, a team of 7-member girl group, announced that they will release a new song.

According to the music industry on June 6, HyunA participated as a writer of this title song ‘Hobgoblin‘ by CLC, and also worked for various productions for the young girl group. She is known not only for the title song but also for the choreography of the song and overall performance. HyunA carefully prepared the concept, the look, and the expression of each member.

The title track ‘Hobgoblin,’ is a EDM Trap genre from CLC’s new album ‘CRYSTYLE.’ It is an impressive song with a novel character story of a goblin girl who is actively appealing to his favorite opponent and who is making up his mind. HyunA is also said to have handed down the know-how to CLC for returning to an intense image concept that reminds her of the ‘madness’ of her previous group, 4Minute.

In March 2015, They made their debut through a mini-album ‘First Love‘ and made a strong impression with their lovely and youthful girl concept. They decided to change the stage this time. This album is so unique to the members, so they went back to beginning and got everything changed. This activity will be a turning point for both the team and the agency. The first generations of Cube, 4Minute, and BEAST have already left, and the next generation of the group, BTOB, CLC and Pentagon, are more important than ever. CLC, who will be the center of the Cube generation change, will be able to begin this activity as they’ve become a group for three years.

From last year’s activities, kwon Eun-bin from Mnet’s ‘Produce 101’ and Elkie from Hong Kong Teen Star will also join the new team and reinforce the team with a 7-member members.

Planned as a multinational group, CLC, also plans to challenge overseas activities next year. CLC, who has already reached the top of the Japanese Oricon and Chinese YinYeTai charts, will be able to lead the K-Pop girl groups boom again after 4Minute.